Explore 4X game Humankind’s vivid maps close up with this mod

Someone has made a mod where you can explore your games in first-person

There’s not a lot going on with Humankind mods at the moment, as the official tools are still pending. That hasn’t stopped the 4X game’s community from trying their best with what they have.

It seems Amplitude will officially be partnering with Mod.io for the formal rollout of user modifications, and right now the strategy game’s mod page is filled with mainly map mods. There are a couple of other types though, including one called First Person Camera Mod, by rykolo. It does exactly what it says on the tin – allow you to navigate a game of Humankind in first person, and it’s ace.

User Changlini on the HumankindTheGame subreddit has posted a video of their own time with the mod in action, and you can really appreciate how pretty Humankind is. We had a lot of fun using the hide UI command to take some screenshots for our Humankind review, but seeing everything in real-time is something else. You can watch Changlini follow jets and other things around. It’s just a shame about the horizon line.

Here is the reddit thread with the video:

The novelty of the First Person mod from HumankindTheGame

If you want to check it out for yourself, instructions on how to install and how to activate and navigate the first person mod are on the Mod.io page.

While we wait for Humankind mods to spin up properly, you can check out some of our guides to help you get settled with the game. We’ve got a guide to our favourite Humankind cultures, as well as our tutorial on how to win and earn fame.

Header image credit rykolo