This Humankind player has beaten the 4X game in just 58 turns

Talk about speed runs, this speedy gonzales races through seven eras in the blink of an eye

A hilltop city overlooking the coast in 4x game Humankind

4X game Humankind released just over a month ago, and while the developers release new fixes for the most pressing issues, the community is busy putting the strategy game through its paces. Recently we saw how broken some of the wonders are, and this week someone managed to win a match in just 58 turns.

User CheekyM0nk3Y shared proof of their accomplishment on the HumankindTheGame subreddit, ending the game via a ‘science’ win and getting five times the victory score as the AI in second place. This is pretty impressive, all things considered, although we’re not sure if there’s an existing record for this kind of speedrun as of yet.

CheekyM0nk3Y breaks down the strategy behind this run. Originally they managed a 96 turn and a 76 turn science win in quick succession. In trying to shave off a couple more turns from that personal record, they accidentally stumbled across an even better route that led them to the 58 turn win. “[The] strategy was to go super wide and just ignore influence completely,” they explain.

Here’s the thread, with the full breakdown of steps taken in the comments:

Humankind Science Speed Run Turn 58 Win! (Normal Speed, Humankind Difficulty, Normal Map Size) from HumankindTheGame

Off the back of this run, CheekyM0nk3Y is confident that anyone with the right map settings can use their tips to win within 100 turns, if not the tight 58 they manage to achieve. “I’d guess that around 70% of starts can probably hit sub 80 if you have even half decent luxuries,” they state.

Victory in Humankind is quite different from other 4X games like Civilization VI – make sure you check out our tutorial on how to win and earn fame to understand the context of what’s happened. You should also check out our Humankind review if you haven’t tried the game out for yourself yet, as well as our guide to Humankind’s best cultures.

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Humankind is available on PC via Steam and plenty of other online retailers besides.