Humble Bundle has launched a multi-platform funding and publishing program

Humble Bundle Publishing Indie Platform for Developers

Since its launch in 2010, Humble Bundle has managed to accumulate over 10 million customers. Through a mixture of charity-driven work, flexible prices and respect for the indie community, the website has achieved quite the following. But I doubt anyone would have expected them to announce a multi-platform publishing and funding program, aimed at providing services and tools to developers.

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Speaking on behalf of the website, publishing lead John Polson states “we are an ‘a la carte’ publisher, allowing developers to choose what they want out of publishing through us. We then offer funding based on the services they need.” Effectively, if you’ve got the idea and the ability to make a game, Humble Bundle are willing to help you with ports, marketing and localization amongst other things.

The move doesn’t come cheap however and Polson has stated in no uncertain terms that this is a “multi-million dollar investment for games large and small.” The team already has seven games up for release in its debut line-up. These include police-procedural RPG No Truce With the Furies, 3-D platformer A Hat in Time and the genre-defying silliness of Keyboard Sports.

If you fancy having a whack at game development, you can fill in a submission on their developer page. Furthermore, the current Humble Bundle includes the excellent Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.