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Grab eight VR games worth $189 for just $10, if you’re quick

With a full retail price of $189, you can save big while taking away eight fantastic VR games as part of this latest Humble Bundle deal.

Devolver Digital VR Humble Bundle

There’s no shortage of content available via Humble Bundle in 2024, and this latest showcase is one for fans of virtual reality. Devolver Digital is offering eight of its top VR titles in one simple package, with the proceeds being donated to Special Effect.

Many of the best VR games are available on a variety of platforms, but all these titles must be redeemed on Steam. If you have a Meta Quest 3, or any other PCVR-compatible headset, all these games will work great if you’re either tethered to your gaming PC, or using it wirelessly via Steam Link.

The total value of the Devolver Digital VR bundle is $189 (£149), but you only need to pay $10 (£7.84) to gain access to all eight games. These are the games included in the bundle:

  • Gorn – Very Positive rating
  • Tentacular – Very Positive rating
  • The Talos Principle VR – Overwhelmingly Positive rating
  • Serious Sam 3 VR – Very Positive rating
  • Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope – Very Positive rating
  • Serious Sam VR: The Second Encounter – Very Positive rating
  • Serious Sam VR: The First Encounter – No Rating given
  • Block’hood VR – Mostly Negative rating

Most of the games in this bundle follow the theme of chaotic and gory fun, which is to be expected when Serious Sam makes up 50% of it, but there’s also some depth here, thanks to games such as The Talos Principle and Tentacular.

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A thought-provoking puzzle game, The Talos Principle holds a Metacritic rating of 85 and is often singled out as an underappreciated gem when it comes to the genre. The VR version is a pristine port of the original game, rather than a lazy cash-grab, which garnered tons of love and respect from the VR community.

Meanwhile, Tentacular is a humourous puzzle-adventure game that sees you take on the role of a well-intentioned monster trying to do what is right, but often struggling due to the fragility of the world with which you interact.

Of course, Gorn and the Serious Sam titles are about all-out action, and causing as much chaos as possible. You can live out your best gladiator life in Gorn as you take on waves of enemies who are no match for your power.

Serious Sam, on the other hand, is a run-and-gun thrill ride from start to finish, with each game taking you through different encounters as you leave a trail of destruction behind you. To understand the value of this bundle as a whole, it’s worth noting that just the Serious Sam VR games on Steam will cost you $49.16 (£41.03), and that’s a discounted bundle deal.

Block’Hood, unfortunately, appears to hold a negative rating based on just 11 reviews left on Steam, although these mainly highlight compatibility issues with the Vive and Valve Index headsets, rather than issues with the game itself. Either way, you do still get plenty of other valuable games in this bundle.

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