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Grab 11 top indies, including a twisted Stardew Valley, for 95% off

This Humble Bundle brings together $305 worth of top indie games, including Graveyard Keeper, Kill it with Fire, and Tinykin, for 95% off.

Graveyard Keeper artwork showing the skeleton from the game.

Tinykin, Graveyard Keeper, and the Hello Neighbor games are just some of the 11 top indies in the tinyBuild IGN Live Humble Bundle. Altogether, everything here is worth $305, but you can get the lot for just $15, which works out as $1.36 per game. Oh, and that’s without even factoring in the included DLC packs.

The star of the show for us is probably Graveyard Keeper, a dark and tricky spin on Stardew Valley where you manage a graveyard. It’s not quite a full-blown horror game, mind you, but its creepy aesthetic still sets it apart from the competition.

Another highlight is Tinykin, a delightfully charming platform game where you explore a giant house alongside a squad of small, helpful creatures. Clearly inspired by Pikmin, it nevertheless offers a distinctively cute and cozy indie game experience.

Now, here’s a full list of everything in the tinyBuild IGN Live Humble Bundle:

  • Asterigos: Curse of the Stars
  • Cartel Tycoon
  • Hello Neighbor 2
  • Not for Broadcast
  • Not for Broadcast: Live & Spooky DLC
  • Not for Broadast: Bits of Your Life DLC
  • Tinykin
  • Graveyard Keeper
  • Graveyard Keeper: Stranger Sins DLC
  • Streets of Rogue
  • Party Hard 2
  • Nitro Kid
  • Hello Neighbor
  • Kill it with Fire
  • 50% off Cartel Tycoon: San Rafaela DLC

That’s quite a hefty selection, but you’ve only got until Friday, June 28, 2024 to buy it. Funds raised will support Child’s Play, a charity that provides children’s hospital wards with access to videogames.

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