This is your last chance to get the Humble Choice October bundle

Here's everything you'll get in the latest Humble Choice offering

November 5, 2020 Today’s the last day to pick up the Humble Choice bundle for October 2020.

It’s your last chance to pick up the latest Humble Choice bundle. As always, the bundle offers a selection of a dozen different PC games at a modest price, perfect for cozying up as the northern hemisphere moves into its chillier months. This month’s bundle includes everything from the dictatorial city-builder, Tropico 6, to the Final Fantasy Tactics-inspired SRPG, Fae Tactics.

The Humble Choice October Bundle contains 12 games, and as usual, you can grab a selection of three titles with the Basic subscription. The promotion which allows Premium and Classic subscribers to keep all 12 games is still ongoing, however, so you don’t have to make any tough choices at the higher membership tiers.

This month’s lead-off title is Tropico 6: El Prez edition, which includes both the base game and a bit of extra content to help you lead a more lavish lifestyle. For fans of building games, there’s Autonauts, for fans of strategy games, there’s Fae Tactics, and for fans of grim story games, there’s the Sunless Bundle with Sunless Sea and Sunless Skies.

You can also get Shadows: Awakening, Fantasy Blacksmith, The Suicide of Rachel Foster, Goat of Duty, The Uncertain Episode 1: The Last Quiet Day, Basement, Lightmatter, and Iron Danger.

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