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The Humble Deep Silver Bundle contains great games and not so great games


Back before THQ entered the burning hellfires of bankruptcy it ran the Humble THQ Bundle, raising the ailing publisher more than $5 million. I’ve a hunch the Humble Deep Silver Bundle may fall short of that. It contains Saints Row 3 and all its DLC (Yay) but also Risen 2: Dark Waters (boo) and Dead Island: Riptide (boo-er).

Very much a mixed bag.

Here are the contents for those that don’t want to go to the website or watch the video above:

  • Saints Row 2

  • Saints Row 3

  • Risen 2: Dark Waters

  • Sacred 2 Gold

Beat the average and you get Dead Island GOTY and all of Saints Row 3’s DLC. Pay over $25 and you’ll get Dead Island: Riptide.

If you’ve not got Saints Row 3 or Dead Island then this is a bundle worth picking up. Dead Island’s received a lot of flack but it had some interesting ideas at heart, it was just nothing like the original teaser trailer, which formed a cheated response from some of its early players. And this is as cheap as you’ll likely see them.

However, Riptide and Risen 2 both received poor reviews on release. Riptide for being a bland rehash of the first game and Risen 2 for becoming something of a mess of interlinking systems. It might be worth giving Risen a shot, simply to see where it went wrong, but it may not be an enjoyable experience.

You can put money down on the bundle over here.