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Humble PC and Android Bundle pairs Skulls of the Shogun with its opposite - Metal Slug 3

Metal Slug 3 was originally released in the year 2000, but looks like 1990.

Did you know? You can play convincing approximations of Firaxis’ XCOM and Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition on mobile phones these days. Between those and the DOSBox apps the GOG community are determined to twist to their existing game libraries, Android devices have become capable little pretend PCs.

That’s a fact Humble’s PC and Android bundles have always sought to highlight – pulling together games with fully-supported, functionally identical versions across both platforms. On this, the tenth occasion, that means Metal Slug 3 and turn-based good times that begin with Skulls of the Shogun.

The Humble PC and Android Bundle’s bog-standard Pay What You Want tier includes music-driven vertical shooter Symphony, post-Scribblenauts puzzle game Draw a Stickman, and arcade RTS Galcon Legends.

But you’ll want to pay over the average – for which you’ll also bag Metal Slug 3, Skulls of the Shogun, Breach & Clear and tower defence affair Fieldrunners 2.

Metal Slug 3 is considered by the some to be the best example of the side-scrolling shooter series about guns that fire only at 90 degree angles.

It was released on PC for the first time in February, on Steam. So new is the concept that DRM-free versions of the game for Windows, Mac and Linux were not quite finished in time for the Bundle’s launch – they’ll be ready in “24-72 hours”.

We don’t know if Breach & Clear is any good, but it’s basically Rainbow Six’s planning stage as full game. And Skulls of the Shogun is good – a turn-based Steam Early Access veteran that was Windows 8 exclusive for too long.

Tempted at all?