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Humble Store launches. Daily sales to celebrate

Humble Store

The folk over at Humble Bundle have moved beyond sporadic bundles of joy to a constant storefront of special deals. There are to be daily sales, too, so this looks set to be a digital store to return to regularly.

The store won’t replace the Humble Bundles or Weekly Deals, instead it will run separately.

The store runs a little differently from the bundles in that you have the games sticking around for longer than a week or two but you don’t have as much leeway over your payments. For a start, this isn’t a pay what you want store, simply a low-priced digital store. Also, you won’t be manipulating any sliders, deciding what proportion of your money goes to the game’s developer, the supported charities, or the Humble team. 10% of what you pay goes to charity and the other 90% is split between the developer and Humble. We don’t know what the split is between the two.

The Humble Store is currently running a daily sales promotion on some great indie games. Check these out:

Don’t Starve – $7.49

Prison Architect – $14.99

Rogue Legacy – $7.49

Euro Truck Simulator 2 – $6.25

Natural Selection 2 – $6.25

The Swapper – $4.99

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare – $6.25

Orcs Must Die 2 – $6.25

Gunpoint – $4.99

These are currently the only games in the store but tomorrow new games will be added. They’ll be at ridiculously low prices, too.