Here’s how Weird West bounty hunting sim Hunt: Showdown works


Hunt: Showdown is a bounty hunting game set in a Weird West fantasy world that reminds me of Deadlands and thus I immediately love it. First revealed at E3 2014 and only resurfacing this year, it aims to blend PvE, PvP, and survival elements to create a distinctively tense experience, as you can see in its new trailer.

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Similarly to Escape from Tarkov, you’ll put your gear on the line when you enter a Western landscape to stalk a horrible monster with a price on its head. The catch: there’s competition. You’ll fend off AI enemies and other human hunters in the chase for the prize, but even if you succeed in taking it down, you’ll need to escape the map successfully to bank your victory – with any surviving hunters now coming after you.

Forgive me a little excitement, but we don’t see enough of the Weird West in videogames, and whatever else can be said about Crytek, they sure know how to make a game look good. Hunt: Showdown isn’t playable yet, but it has an early access page, so head there to learn more.