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Hunt: Showdown review scores - our roundup of the critics

Hunt: Showdown has landed across PC and consoles - what have the critics made of it?

A player confronts a burning zombie in Hunt: Showdown.

Hunt: Showdown, Crytek’s survival-horror shooter, has now launched across all major platforms. That means it’s time to take stock of what critics have made of it and get a look at the FPS game’s scores across the board – read on to see our roundup of the Hunt: Showdown reviews.

The verdict in short? It’s pretty good. Aggregate sites Metacritic and OpenCritic post scores of 82 and 77 respectively, as of this story, and there are some glowing reviews from sites like VG 24/7 and The Indie Game Website. The former calls it “grim and beautiful, with no single-player mode outside of the tutorial. And if that sounds awesome – and honestly it is – then you know what to do”, while the latter says the atmosphere of the late-19th century bayou setting is “extraordinary”.

Other sites place it a little further towards the middle of the scale, with PC Gamer scoring it a 74 out of 100 and noting the sense of “grind [that] sets in quick” once you’ve got a hang of the game’s map. However, it does say the unlockable lore is “well-written and fascinating” and that upcoming content should give players plenty of reason to jump back in even if they’ve found the current version a little lacking.

In our Hunt: Showdown PC review, Griff scores the game a six out of ten, concluding: “Crytek’s 12-player bounty-hunting horror shooter is good, but only when it works”. While he says the developer has used sound “in clever ways” and, when fortune’s on your side, monster smashing matches can make for “thrilling encounters”, with “just one map and three types of bounty monster, the investigative loop of Hunt: Showdown soon starts to strain. Sadly, the two other modes aren’t much better.”

Check out the Hunt: Showdown review scores below:

PCGamesN – 6/10
VG 24/7 – 5/5
The Indie Game Website8/10
Screen Rant3/5
Windows Central3.5/5
Gaming Trend70/100
Rock Paper ShotgunUnscored

Hunt: Showdown is available on Steam for $39.99 / £35.99 / €39.99 and users’ reviews are classed as ‘very positive’ as of this story.