Hunt: Showdown Serpent Moon event adds a spooky new time of day

The trailer for the Hunt: Showdown Serpent Moon event shows off an eerie new time of day that's lit by a sickly green full moon, plus new snaky gear skins

Hunt: Showdown Serpent Moon start date: A hunter stalks around a building holding a Sparks pistol with the Snakeshot skin

Hunt: Showdown’s Serpent Moon event is coming up, and it’s going to live up to its name: the spooky co-op game’s limited time event is debuting a new time of day over the haunted bayou. During the Serpent Moon, the normally dark night is lit up by a pale green full moon, casting an eerie pall over the landscape.

It’s somewhere between Hunt: Showdown’s existing dusk and night modes, perhaps leaning a bit further toward night. Visibility is quite a bit higher than it is at night, however, making long range weapons more viable during the event.

Speaking of which, it’s unclear whether this new time of day will be added to Hunt: Showdown permanently, or if it’ll just be around for the Serpent Moon event. In the trailer below, it’s called an ‘event time of day,’ which suggests it’ll only be around for as long as the Serpent Moon event is active.

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Fortunately, that’s going to be quite a while: Serpent Moon runs July 27 – September 26, providing two solid months’ worth of sickly green moon action. During that time, you’ll be able to collect a raft of new rewards, including equipment skins like the Snake Oil Ward antidote shot skin and the Snakeshot skin for the new Sparks pistol.

The event itself involves collecting and sacrificing snakes found in snake baskets – you can either destroy these, or risk getting bitten by fishing the venomous serpents out from inside. Once collected, the snakes can be sacrificed at special altars found around the map to earn event points.