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Hunt: Showdown is adding a spectate feature, testing this weekend

Eliminated players can soon watch from the sidelines

Players who get killed playing Hunt: Showdown will now be able to watch what happens afterward. Developer Crytek is adding a ‘Spectate’ feature to the multiplayer game, and it’s being tested this weekend.

Announced on Twitter, the feature is only available on PC for the next few days, from Friday August 7, to Tuesday, August 11. “During the test period players will be able to spectate other players in their session,” the tweet reads. “After their own team has been completely wiped and they can no longer take part int he game themselves.”

Spectate was previously tested during quickplay and broadcaster events, before now moving to live servers on Bounty Hunt. A keen side-effect is that it’ll make it easier to spot and flag cheaters. Crytek had pushed the reporting tools back in April, and touted that hundreds of cheaters in the horror game were being banned every month. Turning every player that dies into a de facto invisible referee should help keep matches fair, while also giving newbies a chance to observe new skills. “We hope that new players can use this feature to learn more about what is going on in the game and help them grow and succeed,” Crytek stated.

In June, Hunt: Showdown added single-player trials, so players could practice killing the in-game monsters without having to worry about opponents doing them in. Across the three maps, the trials have three levels of difficulty, providing a fair bit of challenge and reward.

The spectate mode test is happening right now, and you’ve until Tuesday, August 11, to give it a try. We have a list of other survival games and zombie games, too, if you’re looking for even more ghoulish gameplay.