Hunt: Showdown update 1.10 adds a new beetle drone and questlines

Hunt: Showdown update 1.10 has arrived, and it adds the game-changing Stalker Beetle drone consumable, as well as a new Twitch-integration quest system

Hunt: Showdown update 1.10: Billy story wears an eyepatch, a handlebar mustache, and a big fur coat while hefting a double barreled shotgun

Hunt: Showdown update 1.10 is here, and it’s an important one – this patch adds a potentially game-changing new consumable to the survival game’s arsenal. It’s called the Stalker Beetle, and it’s effectively a drone you can fly around to spot other players. The update also includes the new ‘questlines’ system, which will offer some new ways to earn time-limited rewards in Hunt: Showdown.

The Stalker Beetle is a consumable you can find in the world – they’re lootable items found inside cocoons. You’ll also unlock the beetle at Bloodline rank 15, at which point you can add it to your loadout for 45 Hunt dollars. Either way, you activate it by throwing it, and your view will shift to that of your new flying pal.

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The beetle can be used to scout out complexes and spot bosses or other players, but like everything in Hunt, it has its limitations. Obviously, while you’re controlling the bug, you’re not controlling your character, which means you’re vulnerable to anyone who finds you. Further, the beetle makes an identifiable buzzing noise as it flies, and will make more noise if it bumps into objects or the environment.

The beetle can either land on the ground when you’re done – at which point it can be picked up and used by another player – or you can detonate the little guy, causing damage to anyone who’s close by. The explosion is also powerful enough to move interactable objects like door cranks, so you can tactically close gates or open shutters by using this feature. It’ll deactivate if you land it in the water or if it goes through a cloud of choke smoke.

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Developer Crytek says that update 1.10 also includes a new ‘questline’ system that will offer some new ways to earn rewards throughout the year. The first of these is called ‘Billy and the Stalker Beetle,’ and it involves participating in a Twitch drops campaign. Basically, you’ll watch participating Hunt: Showdown streams on Twitch for an hour in order to earn a questline token.

That Twitch drops campaign runs October 12-20, and it also includes chances to pick up Billy Story, a legendary hunter who was only available as a Twitch drop back in 2020. You might also snag a Bloodshot, a hand crossbow, and Hunt: Showdown’s first-ever weapon charm. Head to the official site for instructions on how to link your Twitch and Hunt accounts.