Hyper Scape guns: every weapon in Ubisoft’s battle royale

From sniper rifles to miniguns, here's what you can expect to find in Hyper Scape's arsenal

hyper scape guns

Want to know what Hyper Scape guns you’ll get to use when Ubisoft’s battle royale launches? As Hyper Scape is set within a virtual reality game, most of the weapons you find have a refreshingly sci-fi aesthetic, with a few plasma and energy-based guns alongside the standard lineup of pistols, shotguns, snipers, assault rifles.

Ubisoft doesn’t want players scrounging around for specific attachments the whole match though, so instead you’ll be able to significantly improve your gun’s stats by collecting multiple copies of it, which ‘fuse’ to your gun and upgrade it. For some weapons the upgrade is massive, like the Protocol V, which will dish out double damage when fully upgraded. This also adds an interesting dynamic to teamwork, where you may want to use a diversity of weapons across your squad so that you can easily acquire fully upgraded weapons.

We’ve played a few matches of Hyper Scape and tested out all of the weapons, so here’s a quick rundown of each gun and why you should – or shouldn’t – use it.

Hyper Scape guns

Here are all of the guns in Hyper Scape:


The D-Tap deals a pitifully low amount of damage, but it does have an auto-targeting system that makes it incredibly easy to use. It’s hard to ever suggest using this as it doesn’t deal enough damage to win any 1v1, but if you’re struggling to keep up with the fast movement of this battle royale then it’s a handy sidearm.

Riot One

Any Wingman mains in Apex Legends will be very familiar with this hard-hitting hand cannon. The Riot One will deal similar damage to the sniper rifle, but obviously it’s harder to make long-range shots without a scope.

Mammoth MK I

The Mammoth MK I is a pump-action shotgun that deals exceptional damage up close – but don’t expect it to down a full-health enemy in one shot. It’s first fuse upgrade will increase its mag size, so you can reasonably take on more than one player before having to reload.


The Ripper is the closest you can get to an assault rifle or SMG in Hyper Scape, and while it looks very similar to Apex Legends’ R-301 Carbine it shoots slower and with a bit more kick. You can upgrade this several times, improving its mag size and damage. The Ripper serves all purposes and will likely become the most popular weapon in Hyper Scape.

Protocol V

The Protocol V is Hyper Scape’s only sniper rifle and is, obviously, intended for long-range battles. The base weapon will deal 75 damage to the head, making it a two-hit kill weapon. However, if you upgrade it to max then it’s a one-hit kill to the head.


This is a minigun with an absurd rate of fire. The downside is it has plenty of bloom when firing and only deals 4 damage per shot in its base form. Great in close quarters for beaming large groups.

Salvo EPL

As the name suggests, the Salvo EPL is a grenade launcher with six shells per reload. Damage isn’t great, but if you’ve got an enemy trapped inside then you can easily defeat them without having to risk your neck. You can increase the mag size with the first upgrade, making it a great spam weapon.


This is akin to a rocket launcher and fires one large orb of energy at a time.

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This slow-moving projectile can two-shot enemies with ease and is very powerful when fired from above – use hacks like Teleport to fire yourself into the air before firing the Skybreaker.


We’ve not had much time with the Komodo yet, but we’ll update this as soon as we know more about the plasma launcher.