Hyper Scape hacks: every hack and the best abilities to use

Looking for that elusive first Hyper Scape win? Here are the best abilities to use in your loadout

Hyper Scape battle royale

Hyper Scape hacks are effectively lootable abilities that you find around the urban map. You can equip two hacks at any time, and swap them out whenever you fancy a different moveset. Just like when using Hyper scape guns, you can upgrade your hacks by finding multiple copies of the same hack and ‘fusing’ them together. This will generally increase the hack’s effectiveness and reduce its cooldown so you can use it more often.

There are a total of nine hacks to find, ranging from healing totems and temporary armour buffs, to more absurd moves like turning into a bouncing ball or dropping a monolithic wall down onto the battlefield. Not ever ability will suit every playing style, so if you like to play things safe and stay off the grind, you won’t want to grab anything that reveals your presence like the wall, ball, or healing totem.

Of course it has taken too long for a Hyper Scape meta to emerge, and hacks play a huge role in the most effective loadout. Join us as we break down all nine hacks in Hyper Scape, how to use them most effectively, and which hacks should always be in your kit.

The best Hyper Scape hacks

Here are the best hacks in Hyper Scape:


In a game with hitscan weapons and lots of mobility you really need to have a hack that gets you far away from danger. Hyper Scape has a few options in this department, but none match the Slam for ease of use and the potential to turn defense into attack.

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Slam shoots you high up into the air and then lets you perform a damage AoE slam on anyone below you. You can steer this a little bit, allowing you to transfer over buildings, but for the most part this hack is all about getting out of trouble immediately. Of course the slam deals plenty of damage, too, so if you can land it then your target will only need to be grazed for you to secure the kill.

The cooldown of a fully upgraded Slam is mercifully short allowing you to perform the hack every ten seconds or so. This launches you high enough into the air that you can always easily maneuver away from decaying zones.


This is more useful for highly aggressive players and comes with the caveat that you need to deploy it very carefully. The wall hack is best used as a delaying tactic, allowing you to seal off a corridor or doorway so you can heal, reload, or even revive a teammate. Pair this with a high mobility hack so you can slow things down when you need a breather.


If you can’t get your hands on the Slam hack then the Teleport is a very strong alternative, which lets you fire yourself a significant distance with a temporary invulnerability window. Teleport will move you wherever you’re aiming, so unlike Slam, you can use this to travel rapidly across a street or to duck out of a fight without being beamed out of the air. The downside though is that teleport doesn’t offer any threat, so you can’t turn the tables on an enemy by slamming back down and removing half of their health.


This hack does exactly what you’d think: turns you invisible for a short duration. This isn’t a great hack for high skill players, but if you need to escape trouble urgently then this hack will save your life countless times over. You can use it to take enemies by surprise, too, but in our experience it’s too easy for them to use their own hacks, scatter, and then regroup before you’re able to do any lasting damage.


In a similar vein as Invisibility, this hack is all about survival, although it can also be used to draw enemy fire while your teammates get flank. You can’t use weapons or other abilities while this is active, so you’re pretty much a sitting duck, but at least you can’t take any damage either. Charge into a fight with this active and watch as your squad decimates the distracted enemy team.


Become a giant bouncing ball. This orb can jump over buildings and will protect you from a little incoming damage before being destroyed. Surprisingly handy for getting around the map and sneaking past enemies – yes, even though it’s a giant bouncing ball.


Drop a healing totem that will slowly heal you and your teammates within a set radius. The time this takes to heal and the fact that you’re stuck in a small area means this hack can often do more harm than good as you’re susceptible to snipers and AoE attacks like the Skyrbreaker and Slam.


Set down a mine that will hone in on any enemy who activates it. Deals decent damage, but is very visible and far too reliant on enemies making mistakes to be very useful. Handy for the early game where you can drop it down in a building early on and wait for pursuing enemies to chase after you.


Pings any enemies in the direction you use it, even through walls. Due to the high mobility of Hyper Scape, this rarely ever gives you a solid read on the battlefield and offers no aggressive or defensive value.