Hyper Scape peaks at over 450,000 Twitch viewers in its first hour

Hyper Scape drew a pretty giant crowd in its first airing on the platform

Hyper Scape

Hyper Scape, the upcoming battle royale shooter from Rainbow Six Siege and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla developer Ubisoft Montreal, was officially announced this week, and a bunch of streamers were granted early access, giving us our very first look at Hyper Scape gameplay. And it turns out plenty of viewers turned out to watch the action live – the FPS game’s stats show it scored over 450,000 Twitch viewers in the first hour.

That’s according to Twitch stats site Twitch Tracker, which puts the peak viewers figure at 465,955 at around the 18:00 BST / 13:00 ET / 10:00 PT mark, an hour after Hyper Scape streams kicked off on the platform. Stats site Sullygnome puts the figure a little lower, with a maximum figure of 456,629 – but, either way, it’s a pretty eye-watering number for the brand-new shooter.

It’s likely that this number was at least in part attributable to the Twitch drops campaign Ubisoft announced, which – like Riot’s comparable drops scheme for Valorant earlier this year – offers viewers the chance to jump into the Hyper Scape technical test by watching the battle royale game’s streams on the platform.

This similarly resulted in some astonishing Twitch stats for Valorant, with closed beta views reaching into the millions right after its launch. According to Sullygnome, the channels leading the charge in terms of average viewers were xQcOW, Ubisoft itself, Rubius, and Tfue, with each channel racking up figures into the tens of thousands. It’s not clear if some of the content creators were paid to promote the game as part of sponsored streams, however it seems there weren’t any tags indicating so in their titles.

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If you’re keen to check out some Hyper Scape gameplay for yourself, head to the upcoming PC game’s Twitch streams here. We also have an early look the game, if you’re curious to know more about how the free-to-play Hyper Scape feels to play.