Icarus devs targeting daily updates for the survival game following bumpy launch

"If people couldn't connect or run the game with acceptable performance to even try the game out, then we need to remedy that."

Icarus players touching down on a planet

Now that the dust has cleared on Icarus’s opening weekend, developer RocketWerkz is charting the path forward. In a Steam blog, game runner Dean Hall explains that while the survival game has proven popular – hitting a peak concurrent Steam player count of 50,000 – it’s not been without its “lows”.

“Many people have let us know in the reviews that the game just didn’t work well enough for them to enjoy it – and that’s not good enough for us,” Hall explains. “If people couldn’t connect or run the game with acceptable performance to even try the game out, then we need to remedy that.”

Hall explains that the team is targeting daily updates to get the new PC game into a more stable position, with three hotfixes going out over the launch weekend alone. The initial updates focused on squashing critical bugs, though Hall elaborates that future patches will target performance optimisations, connectivity, and mission fixes. “These updates can disrupt your time playing the game, but they are critical for us to quickly improve the game for you,” he says.

You’re also getting new mission content this weekend. Hall confirms that the team has received “vital” feedback about the existing missions, which the team will apply to the new quest challenges.

“With all the community engagement around the launch, we’ve had a huge amount of fan suggestions for new content and items,” he says. “We’ll be slowly adding these in some of our updates as they are completed and tested. If you haven’t already, join the Discord or submit requests to ‘Feature Upvote’ to get your requests in.”

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As for the rest of the blog post, Hall talks about how the team dealt with two server outages and how connectivity and performance varied from player to player. You can read the post in full here.

If you want to see if you can run the survival game, you can find the Icarus system requirements right here. For more upcoming PC games, you can follow that link.