iCEnhancer mod for GTA IV now “complete”, creator moves on to Skyrim and Minecraft


Beauty is only skin deep, but Grand Theft Auto IV is a thick-skinned rhinoceros of a game. What does that even mean? I have no idea. Just, look here at this: the final version of iCEnhancer for GTA IV has been released. Version 2.1 of the mod employs a range of prettifying post-processing effects to enhance and improve upon Grand Theft Auto’s visuals, turning it from a relatively attractive game into a framerate murdering, photorealistic masterpiece. Even if your PC isn’t up to the challenge, it’s a joy to simply watch the mod in action. Video is after the click.

You can download iCEnhancer here should you wish to bling up your boring old copy of the GTA IV. There’s still time to purchase every Grand Theft Auto game for five quid in the Steam sale, too. The chap behind iCEnhancer has meanwhile moved on to enhancing the worlds ofMinecraft and Skyrim. Tackling both ends of the graphical fidelity spectrum there, bravo. Updates can be found on the iCEnhancer Facebook page.