If a tree Titanfalls in the forest: watch woodland parkour courtesy of tomorrow’s Expedition DLC

Titanfall-style trees: but who occupies the upper branches?

Swampland, Runoff and Wargames don’t sound like places you’d particularly like to share a postcode with, but they’ll do nicely as the three focal points of Titanfall’s first map pack since its release in March. And if you missed that, read our Titanfall review to find out what it’s all about.

The first in particular promises to challenge pilots’ parkour skills like never before.

Swamplands is dotted with extremely tall trees – the perfect means to move about the map, far above the Titans stomping through the undergrowth below. But as this trailer shows, it’ll take an “agile” and “resourceful” pilot to hop from trunk to trunk without slipping.

Titanfall doesn’t do fall damage, but with few buildings below, an unceremonious plunge into conspicuity isn’t far away.

The “movement opportunities” for pilots are readily apparent, but Respawn point out that Swamplands’ trees also provide “intermittent cover” in titan-to-titan showdowns.

Runoff couldn’t be more different – a tight, vertiginous industrial complex which splits fighting between its upper passageways, main deck, and the drainage canals beneath. Long sight lines require pilots to develop a “strong understanding” of its coves and corners.

Wargames features an aesthetic you’ll remember from Titanfall’s tuturial, but also incorporates key elements from existing maps. Respawn say it “places a premium on each pilot’s ability to find new ways to use strategic routes against their foes”.

Enough new and remixed here to justify the $10 asking price, do you think? Here: Expedition DLC screenshots might help you decide.

Thanks, Eurogamer.