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IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad trailer marks beginning of preorders


IL-2 Sturmovik’s one of the biggest names in flight simulation. Like Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator, it’s one of the few series to have appealed to both a hardcore market and found fans outside that niche audience. News that a new entry to the series is nearly upon us good news indeed.

The preorders for Battle of Stalingrad have begun and keen players can get early access to the game if they’re willing to part with the money.

Developer 1C revealed the specifics of the preorder program, which they’re offering in two skews. There’s the $50 standard edition and considerably pricier premium edition, that’ll set you back $90.

The standard edition grants early access in “Winter 2013”, a silver founder’s tag for display in the forums, and a base set of six planes – the LaGG-3 s.29, Bf-109F-4, IL-2 AM38 (model 1942, single-seat), Ju-87 D-3, Pe-2 s.87/s.110, and He-111 H-6.

If you buy the more expensive premium edition you get “Autumn 2013” access, the six planes that the standard edition receives, as well as two more La-5 and Fw-190 A3. You also get a fancy special label, which is nice.

1C have released a list of features for the new game, too:

  • Brand new single-player campaign mode for combat flight-sims: server supported campaign generator where all missions are historical, dynamic and unique.

  • Unprecedented level of details in physics, damage model and aerodynamics of the virtual aircrafts.

  • True-to-life and complex AI system.

  • The largest and most detailed recreation of the air war in Stalingrad (unique structures/buildings, you can only find recreated here).

  • Legendary combat aircraft thoroughly re-created using the original drawings and blueprints.

  • Historically correct reconstruction of all key operations of the Stalingrad battle.

  • Quick fights and large-scale battles in single-player and multiplayer with dedicated servers.

  • In-game achievement system, allowing players to unlock new airplane modifications/upgrades based on player’s mission results.

  • Global player statistics.