I’m Joshua explores the US slavery trade in classic adventure style

I'm Joshua

The lovely thing about the PC indie industry is the broad and diverse collection of viewpoints and worlds we get to see. There’s nothing better than interactive entertainment for getting people to really feel something, and that’s what developer Dysotek are going for in I’m Joshua, a point-n-click adventure set during the time of american slavery. 

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Inspired by Telltale’s tough choice gameplay, I’m Joshua will take you to the United States during the 19th century, where black men and women were enslaved and forced to work in labour plantations. Told over three episodic chapters, you will play as Joshua: an 11-year old boy born into the horrific trade.

The game will emphasise choice and consequence, challenging you to work out who should be trusted and who to help. Make the wrong decision and the results will be dire, the story and overall plot adjusting to accommodate.

“Timing is everything, and quite often you will need to make some truly tough decisions,” says the game’s website, suggesting that there will be timed conversations akin to The Walking Dead.

The developer’s first diary entry is now online, where the team explain how they’re using Construct 2 to create the software, which will ensure they can launch on Windows, Mac and Linux.

“Our dream is to give a gaming experience like the awesome The Walking Dead S1 and S2 and Life is Strange (this last one is our all time favorite adventure game). Even if we reach just a little percentage of the quality of those games, we will got a great achievement,” say the team.

Slavery is certainly an interesting and brave direction for, and with some luck I’m Joshua could be a decent little hard-hitting adventure. Keep an eye on the game’s website for continued updates.