Immortals Fenyx Rising – Broken Wings puzzle

How to obtain Broken Wings to unlock the double jump ability

Not sure how to get the Broken Wings in Immortals Fenyx Rising? You’ll be busy hunting mythical beasts in no time, but first you’ve got to learn to walk before you can fly. Broken Wings give you the ability to double jump and sprint which makes traversing the world much easier. Fortunately, Broken Wings are unlocked very early on in the game, so you won’t be moving slowly for too long.

There are four important items to acquire before the open world is available: Sword of Achilles, Broken Wings, Bow of Odysseus, and Icarus Wings. It’s important to find them all as they unlock powerful abilities.

The Broken Wings are trapped within a Vault of Tartaros, an abyss created by Zeus to banish the evil titan Typhon. The Vault of Tartaros is filled with a number of tricky puzzles that can be difficult to solve, thankfully our guide should help you make quick work of these challenge rooms. You’ll also find the Axe of Atalanta located within the same room, a powerful secondary weapon capable of damaging enemies wielding large shields.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Broken Wings location

To unlock Broken Wings, you need to acquire the Sword of Achilles first. After defeating a batch of enemies, head towards the statue of Hermes. Climb to the top of the vantage point where you’ll spot a Vault of Tartaros containing the Broken Wings and the Axe of Atalanta. The first batch of puzzles within Tartaros will give you a brief introduction to platforming. Activating the switches reveals more platforms, leading you to your next destination.

When you’ve made your way across the moving platform, be sure to pick up the chest located just past the new switch. Opening this chest rewards you with 45 Yellow Adamantine Shards, 61 Blue Adamantine Shards, 40 Purple Adamantine Shards, two health potions and a stamina potion. Make your way back to the middle platform and activate the switch. This will remove the platforms to your right and add two new ones down the middle. Head down the middle and you’ll find the Broken Wings, giving you access to the double jump ability.

Once you’ve tested out your new double jump, you should reach the Axe of Atalanta with ease. Your new axe will be useful against armoured enemies as it will break their defensive stance, giving you the opportunity to attack with your Sword of Achilles. The final puzzle reveals itself once you take out the last group of enemies. Standing on the bronze pad moves the platform ahead of you – jump to this platform when it’s close enough and it takes you to Zeus’ lightning bolt.

If you want to know where to get the remaining items, head on over to our Bow of Odysseus and Icarus Wings guides.