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In Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, you can choose how to deal with bosses

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided bosses

At E3, Eidos Montreal told us that players won’t have to choose stealth in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and that there will be plenty of opportunities for making things explode and just shooting everything and everyone. Producer Stéphane Roy assured us that they weren’t diluting stealth, though. 

You’ll still be able to play through the game as a pacifist, and that includes, according to an interview in OXM, boss confrontations. 

“It’s all about supporting all the different play aspects,” said gameplay direction Patrick Fortier. “That was the main thing that was missing from the boss fights. Thematically, I think they were interesting, but certain players found a challenge there that wasn’t really catered to them.”

So you’ll be able to handle Mankind Divided’s bosses stealthily or through conversation.

“There are ways to stealth them, there are ways to beat them in combat and there are conversations you can have that maybe give you a different means of dealing with the situation altogether,” Fortier continued.

What a relief, eh? The way that Human Revolution took control away from you during those pivotal confrontations, boxing you in and refusing to let you deal with the villains the way you have been throughout the game, was just bizarre. Given the backlash, it’s not a surprise that Mankind Divided is going down a different path.

Cheers OXM, via GamesRadar.