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0x10c ship editor in the works; may or may not be appearing at Minecon


As if Notch’s Elite-ish didn’t have enough directions to spiral out into in the infinity of space, he’s gone and decided to work on an editor for the thing. It’ll allow players to place the rooms of their ships willy nilly, but will eventually do more than that.

“I’m working on a ship editor for 0x10c, which is what we’re hoping to show at Minecon,” tweeted Notch. “So far it’s just the rooms inside the ship.”

Half an hour later he’d backtracked on its place inannual Mojang knees-up Minecon, a “typo”: “I meant to say we’re NOT showing 0x10c at Minecon.

“There’s no way this will be finished in time, especially considering how inefficient my panic coding is,” he added.

Hmm. I suppose we’ll know for sure this weekend, which sees Minecon 2012 hosted by Disneyland Paris, if you can believe that. Can you believe that?

In the meantime, here’s everything we know about 0x10c.