50 Short Games is exactly what you’d expect

50 Short Games thecatamites stephen murphy

“Yes, it’s true. 50 magic games – spanning genres as diverse as Action, Treasure Hunter, Essay and Miscellaneous,” writes creator thecatamite. “50 great games, each an opportunity to laugh and love again. A magic packet of 50 games, equivalent to 10,000 hours of entertainment and full of jokes and surprises to delight young and old.”

And all for €4.00.

You can buy the games over on thecatamites’ site.

Plus, on top of the games are illustrated notes and developer essays on each of the games included in the bundle “that explain in numbing detail the intent, history, and collapse of this project”.

Each game was created in a day on the run up to Christmas last year and each is bizarre, broken, and wonderful in good measure.

I’d write more about it all but he writes a much better FAQ than I could write details:

YOU: I hear the famous gangster “Muggs” Nolan was killed near these games… I hear they never found his stash of gold…

ME: 50 Short Games is published under an unbelievably liberal licence which grants full ownership to the consumer of all gold bullion found in the course of playing the games. We’re on YOUR side.

YOU: These all look good but unfortunately I haven’t taken pleasure from a videogame since 1997 :o(

ME: Neither have I. Let’s try, together.

YOU: €4 is a pittance for so many games… This deal cannot be real… You cannot fool me, where is the catch…

ME: There is no catch, I am voluntarily immolating my own capital purely as a result of the terrific love I have for the common man. 50 games that would otherwise sit forever behind closed doors – 50 games that “they” don’t want you to see – liberated for you, at a competitive cost! It is imperative that you take advantage of this deal immediately before I am sent to debtor’s jail and my assets are seized by the state.

YOU: Well, this all sounds good. I will buy 10 copies each for all my friends and family while stock holds out.

ME: Follow your heart. I know you can do it.

YOU: How many games are there, again?

ME: 50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the first time thecatamites’ ever sold his games and, frankly, I’ve no idea how he’s subsisted himself till now. It adds to his allure, no doubt. But let us waste no more time. Go, go and pay the man for the games.

Cheers, PC Gamer.