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7 Days to Die has 15 minutes to impress with gameplay footage


There’s a new zombie survival sandbox game on the block, and its name is 7 Days to Die. “Oh no!” you cry, “it’ll be like The War Z all over again!” “Shush” I say, “we don’t judge a zombie survival game just because it isn’t Day Z!”. Sure, 7 Days to Die is looking a bit rough at the moment, but it’s early days. Plus it has an ace up its sleeve: voxels! 

7 Days to Die is voxel based, meaning there’s some Minecraft-esque destruction, with explosions ripping blocky craters in the ground for stupid zombies to fall into. The block-based geometry also allows for building defences, which sounds like it could lead to some pretty fun ‘defend the fort’ style gameplay.

The game hits alpha at the end of the month, so if this sounds your kind of party you can pre-purchase at the 7 Days to Die website.

Thanks, Rock, Paper, Shotgun.