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American McGee’s Grimm creeps onto Steam Greenlight


Five years since launching on Gametap, American McGee’s Grimm has appeared on Greenlight. If successful, all 23 episodes of the game will be released through Steam.

A vote for Grimm is a vote for dark retellings of the Grimm fairy tales in short, manageable half hour chunks. And, as the game is perfect for children, a quick bite size way of introducing the little ones to horror like having your grandma eaten by a wolf and then cut out of its belly. Without the game such an introduction is somewhat more cruel to animals and will ruin your carpet/grandma.

Grimm arrived on Greenlight without announcement. It seems like a move to try and raise funds from the developer Spicy Horse’s back catalogue, funds which can go towards an Alice movie project.

Spicy Horse recently cancelled its Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a Wizard of Oz game, Ozombie, in favour of a campaign aimed at securing the film rights to American McGee’s Alice games. With six days left, the film campaign is still $70,000 short of its $200,000 goal.

Of course, Grimm will not pass through Greenlight and begin raising the studio money in the next six days but, should the campaign be successful, Spicy Horse is going to have to raise a lot of capital to begin work on a film project.

You can vote Grimm up on Greenlight here and read about the film license acquisition campaign here.

Cheers, Joystiq.