Antichamber release announced for 31 January. Prepare to have your concept of space and time violated


Photokeratitis, better known as snow blindness, is essentially sunburn of the cornea, it’s caused by ultraviolet light reflecting off snow and into your eyes. Sunglasses are a common means of nullifying the dangerous ways.

Pray, why am I telling you this? Well, Antichamber is a first person puzzler which will burn your brain via injection through the eyes, much akin to photokeratitis. It will baffle, confuddle, confuse, muddle, and toy with your brain with its barely comprehensible aesthetic and its puzzles that takes the laws of physics and feeds them to an inside out tiger which has a larger interior than exterior.

How long till we can enjoy this horrendous brain trampling? According the trailer hidden below the break, its release it set for 31 January.

Quite the mindfuck.