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Assetto Corsa appears on Steam Early Access. Updates due every fortnight

Assetto Corsa Kunos Simulazioni

Project CARS looks like it may have some competition: Assetto Corsa’s been released through Steam Early Access, bringing with it extremely detailed physics simulations and virtual recreations of speedy cars.

The developer says the game is already near completion and that they will be releasing an update every two weeks, adding new tracks, cars, and features till the racer is complete.

First, to show that this isn’t a developer blowing smoke out their exhaust, here’s the Early Access trailer:

Assetto Corsa is set to be a racing game which will expand out regularly, even after it leaves alpha, with new cars and tracks. The developers, Kunos Simulazioni, are aiming to include only real cars and real tracks, creating as accurate a representation of them as they are able. They’ve even gone and laser scanned the darn things to make sure they’re the exact right dimensions.

The game will also support modding so expect to have the number of tracks, cars, and paintjobs increase quickly after the game’s release. Particularly if the developer adds Steam Workshop support.

“Assetto Corsa is already in advanced state of completion,” says Kunos. “Meanwhile some features and structures are under progress and testing, the developers have decided to offer the immediate access to the basic features and contents included in the game, to satisfy the requests of the AC followers. A first, light build of Assetto Corsa is now available for download on Steam Early Access.

“The first build of Assetto Corsa includes the main structure of the game and 8 classes of cars for a total number of 11 vehicles, with the aim to guarantee just from the beginning the chance to enjoy the dynamic model of the game racing with different kind of vehicles.”

The team are aiming to release updates every two weeks but there’s already a good mouthful of content to get into before further additions come down the pipe.

Here are the cars in the current release:

  • Abarth 500 Esseesse

  • Lotus Elise SC

  • Lotus Exige Scura

  • BMW M3 E30 Evoluzione

  • BMW M3 E92

  • BMW Z4 E89

  • BMW M3 GT2

  • Classic Team Lotus Type 49

  • Ferrari 458 Italia

  • KTM X-Bow R

  • Tatuus FA01

And the tracks:

  • Autodromo Di Magione

  • Autodromo Di Imola

  • Silverstone – International

  • Autodromo Di Monza Classic 60’s Edition

Not to be outdone, Project CARS resident video guru, Jonz, released a new trailer for the game showing off its latest build in all its glory:

project CARS – 400 to 600* from JonZ on Vimeo.