Awesomenauts coming to PC


Whenever someone asks me about Dota, I wince a little. Because I know that even if they’re really interested, and even if they read all the guides, they’re still going to probably bounce off the surface. League of Legends is a bit better, but it’s still acerbic as all hell. Which makes me happy that Awesomenauts is headed to PC, and Steam. When it comes to the friendliest Dota-likes, Awesomenauts is just about at the top of the list.

It’s 2D, which means there’s a whole other dimension you don’t have to worry about (quiet pedants in the corner saying Dota’s isometric viewpoint is essentially 2D), and it’s cutesy, forgiving manner make it much more accessible and easy to get into. With just that one plane to worry about, everyone heads down the same lane, which keeps things much more focused and simple.
There’s no actual release date, although the official site states ‘A PC version is coming soon! And a Mac version will quickly follow!’ Despite the overuse of exclamation marks, that means it should be imminent, not least because the teaser trailer (below) looks to be running on the PC version of the game. It’s already out on PSN and XBL, where it’s received glowing reviews, and, if things stay consistent, it should be around that $10 pricepoint that it’s currently sitting on on the Playstation store.