Belated Christmas prezzies from AirMech

AirMech still giving out Christmas presents

Christmas might be in the rear-view mirror, but apparently that doesn’t mean that the annual gift-giving is quite over. Colourful free-to-play RTS, AirMech, is doling out the seasonal gifts to its pilots, and you only need to log in to receive your special package for the jolly fat man. 

If all you got for Christmas this year was a pair of novelty socks, this might cheer you up.

If you jump into the game now, you’ll receive a winter package with a secret reward, and a key to open it. If you’re a VIP player, you’ll also net a rare capsule containing a prezzie from the VIP and cash store like a new skin for your airmech. You’ll need an account that was created before Christmas, though.

More winter packages will drop while you play, alongside limited edition cosmetic items like reindeer and snowman pets, festive contrails, snowball tracers and a snowflake exhaust. With the game’s toy-like aesthetic, AirMech is already a wee bit Christmasy, but you can’t beat flitting around the map with sparkly snowflakes coming out of your rear.

The whole thing ends when the year does, which doesn’t give you much time, so get cracking.