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Better wipe the blood off your rubber animal mask: Hotline Miami gets 23 October release date


Neon lights, pixel on pixel violence, rubber animal voices spurring you on to greater feats of murder, Hotline Miami’s taken some of the internet’s dirtiest loves and distilled them into a game. Now, finally, after months of waiting, forcing us to get by on interview pieces, previews, and snapshots of the game’s delectable soundtrack, we have a release date: 23 October.

As That’s a fortnight away, I suggest tuning your aural organs to some of the game’s music. Don’t worry, I’ve included them below the break so you won’t need to go far.

There’s snippets of two tracks in this video:

The first is Hydrogen by M.O.O.N, you can hear the full track below, and the second is”Miami” by Jasper Byrne (maker of Lone Survivor). Unfortunately, that’s not yet made its way on to the interweb. Digital

Here’s another two artists in the announcement trailer:

The first is Daisuke by El Huervoand the second is Night DrivingAvenger byPerturbator.

There’ll likely be a lot more on offer in the full game, and hopefully a soundtrack available to buy, but hopefully that should keep you going till 23 October.