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Caffeine is a beautiful thing, both in your cup and on your screen


There’s nothing scary about a cup of coffee, right? Nope, don’t worry about that cup of joe sitting there, it’s not going to strike out at you. But coffee’s most prominent property, caffeine, is at the centre of a new indie sci-fi horror. Quite what caffeine actually has to do with Caffeine is unclear, but what is obvious is that this is a strikingly beautiful project, all rendered in Unreal 4. 

This newest trailer for Caffeine does nothing to show off the real horror of the game, but does set up its unnerving atmosphere with its abandoned hallways and missing ceiling tiles. Whilst the assets are fairly simple, you’ll notice they’re strikingly brought to life with Unreal 4’s great lighting. This is a mighty fine looking spacestation.

If those hallways have enticed you, Caffeine is currently searching for funds over at IndieGoGo. Feel free to throw your cash at Australian developer Dylan Browne, who is looking for $80,000AU to fund his project.

Thanks, VG247.