The Cave character trailer introduces the cast in tall the glorious malevolence

The Cave

You might be thinking that by my third post of the day I’d be tiring of the snow theme but when you spent five hours trapped in queues at Heathrow because of a little frozen water it tends to sit on the mind a little. So with that in mind:

Double Fine’s The Cave shares little with snow, while snow tends to melt in sunlight caves remain unchanged in the sun, they are by definition subterranean and out of the sunlight; snow can be made into a snow man because it is an additive substance, a cave is defined by its unsculpturable absent space; the list goes on. However, what they do share in common is that they’re both inhabited by a cast of characters, the likes or which gaming has rarely seen: knights, time-travellers, evil twins (yes, both of them are evil), monks, and hill billies. See them at work in the trailer below.

That The Cave is going to beirreverentand funny would normally go without saying but because so few studios pull it off it feels always appropriate to recognise it. Though previous to this trailer I hadn’t picked up on the underlying darkness of the game. A lot of these characters are dark. Those twins, the bit with the poison, they’re children. It’s shuddersome.

The Cave is due out on this coming Wednesday, 23 January. Exciting times.