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Chaos Reborn multiplayer demo available “Soon”


Xcom creator Julian Gollop is steadily getting closer to completing his remake of Spectrum game, Chaos. The next step of the way is a multiplayer demo which will be released “soon”.

The release will be playable in your browser and can have up to four players at once trying to out-wizard each other.

“I have been working with a new local company, Game Cloud Continental, on the server backend systems for Chaos Reborn,” writes Gollop. “I plan to have a publicly available demo soon, which can be played in a web browser.”

Here are the features that it will have at launch:

  • Player profile creation and login

  • Join a random match up game

  • Create a private, password protected game

  • Set game play options:

    • 2, 3 or 4 player game

    • 2 vs 2 team game

    • Turn timer length

His community will be able to offer Gollop feedback on the game when the demo goes live allowing tweaks and balances in future updates.

Jeremy’s detailed some of the changes Gollop’s implementing in the game’s multiplayer, already.

Cheers, US Gamer.