Christmas Alpaca Adventure is the most authentic yuletide game you’ll play this weekend

Christmas Alpaca Adventure

It’s well known that each year Santa and his trusted steed, Alpaca, must go into the forest and gather gold to recharge Santa’s powers before delivering presents all around the world. Daniel McFarlane’s Christmas Alpaca Adventure lets us play this famous tradition for ourselves.

He even includes other well-known slices of Christmas trivia, like Santa’s love of kiwis and Alpaca’s hate of them.

Christmas Alpaca Adventure’s a simple two button scrolling platformer. You can make Santa jump by pressing ‘S’ and Alpaca by pressing ‘A’. Starting simply, you’re soon having to make Santa jump over obstacles on one level while Alpaca has to dodge her own obstacles below.

From such basic input McFarlane gets a surprisingly complex and difficult game.

It’s definitely worth a play.

When you reach the later levels and have to direct Santa into kiwis and dodging the carrots which he hates, leaping over goblins and bombs while simultaneously guiding Alpaca to carrots on a different plane from the bringer of Christmas it can all become quite brilliantly difficult.

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