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Class war: Warside class trailer is all bullets and explosions

Warside class trailer

Multiplayer indie titles often leave me a bit depressed. So many cracking titles have fallen by the wayside because they simply can’t maintain a decent population, a necessity for multiplayer. 

I do hope Warside bucks this trend because, despite the slightly silly name, it seems like a barrel of explosive laughs. If you laugh at killing people from the future in a war for resources, anyway. 

It’s still on Greenlight, apparently doing quite well, and developers Kraken have just put together a class trailer for the 2.5D shooter. Take a look below. 

The RPG system combines character types and classes to create what appears to be a broad list of options. Character types confer special abilities or gear like jet packs or clinging to walls, while the classes inform the types of weapons and gadgets the fighters can use.

And on top of that, the game boasts hundreds of weapons, gadgets and augmentations to further customise a character’s loadout.

The Russian language version has been up and running for a wee while now, but hopefully we’ll get our English version in the near future.