Cobalt trailer shows off forward flips, time trials and level editor


Cobalt is a game by Oxeye Game Studio, chums of Mojang. That is, Mojang are publishing the game using Minecraft’s alpha release as a model, and both teams share a Jeb.

When it was launched at a 50% discount more than a year ago it looked a tad empty – as if public iteration didn’t really suit it. It was, and still is, a side-scrolling, multiplayer platformer-shooter – a sentence which makes me realise how inadequate those categorisations are. More precisely, it’s about doing forward flips in slow motion and feeling rocket-propelled grenades brush against the hairs of your neck.

Let’s take another look.

Since its birth, Cobalt seems to have also become a game about hurtling through time-trials and skipping across expanses of water like King Pebble. And it has an editor, which you can see being used for all sorts in the trailer below:

Have any of you lot played this? Your thoughts, if you will.