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Contracandy is a harrowing tale of capturing living candies trying to escape their oppressive homeland. Contains nudity

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Following in the footsteps of Papers, Please, Contracandy hands you the reins of beauracratic immigration control. However, where the one asked you to make sacrifices in security and morals to meet the needs of your hungry family in a newly created Eastern Bloc state, Contracandy has you stop candy people escaping from the candy country.

Warning: this free game contains nudity.

Your task is simple. Fulfilling it is not.

The candy people are trying to leave their homeland. Presumably they don’t enjoy the constant scrutiny of hungry tourists, nor the threat of having their door kicked in at night and seeing another family member bundled into the back of a truck bound for the Haribo factory. You, as an airport security guard, must stop them.

The candies are disguising themselves as humans and trying to board flights bound for human countries. When they walk through a body scanner their ruse is detected and clicking on them will strip them of their disguise and send them running back to the homeland. Click a human, however, and you will be horrified to see pale, embarrassed pink flesh. A negative point.

The difficulty comes in the waves of potential passengers swarming up the aisles towards the scanners. Often multiple people will go through the scanners at the same time, and all at different paces. Keeping track of them all is a nightmare.

See if you can do any better.

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