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Countless Rooms of Death will bully your mind

Countless Rooms of Death

I’m in two minds about this wave of psychological horror adventures that strip players of their ability to fight or defend themselves. I adore them conceptually, but when I try to play them, I just become a shrieking, sweating ball of tension. 

Countless Rooms of Death looks more like my speed, as it’s absent any horrific enemies hunting players down, attempting to consume their soul. Instead, the horrors are less tangible. Whispers that need to be investigated, labyrinthine mazes, unusual shapes and lights.


Instead of terrifying you with clear threats, three-man German developer HCP Games wants to bully your mind as you attempt to solve puzzles and discover why you are stuck in this labyrinth.

The story unfolds through the acquisition of medical records - not unlike last year’s horrifying Outlast - and will ultimately explain how you ended up in this dark and foreboding place. 

The gameplay footage suggests that the labyrinth is some sort of abandoned medical facility, and there are few things as ominous as empty hospitals or asylums. If there's a wheelchair in there that moves of its own accord, I'm outta there. 

Development for Countless Rooms of Death is complete, but it’s not available yet. HCP is trying to get it on Steam via Greenlight.


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Dog Pants avatar
Dog Pants Avatar
4 Years ago

Those opening paragraphs very nicely sum up my thoughts on horror games too. I love the idea, I really want to like them, but as soon as a monster shows up and tries to kill me I just lose interest. You need that sense of danger though or else it isn't scary, so it's a tough call to make something that works. It's the difference between a slasher film which is just an elaborate chase, and something like Hellraiser, which is about dread. This looks like Cube, which I would put in the latter category, but unless they nail the dread part it could just feel like The Crystal Maze.