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Cube World alpha launched then suspended following server-crashing demand


Cube World’s finally playable, following the months of screenshot and video releases we can at last play the Minecraft-inspired voxel RPG. Except that we also can’t. After launching earlier today, developer Wollay has suspended sales of Cube World’s alpha as a result of the heavy traffic the launch drew to his store.

Until he’s managed to handle all the sales made earlier today the website’s store will be disabled.

“Due to server issues we had to temporarily disable the shop,” Wollay wrote in a blog post. “Our server has problems to handle the traffic, even though we’re hosting Cube World on a separate location. Our main priority is currently to fix issues with all buyers so far and make sure they get their game.”

I guess that’s the best reason to have to stop sales, your game being too damn popular for its own good.

When sales go back online we’ll bring you our impressions of the game. Many on the team have been waiting on this game’s release for a while.

You can keep checking to see if the store is back online here.