Cube World isn’t bust, but DDoS attacks were “a very discouraging experience”


After DDoS attacks threatened to sink Cube World’s alpha back in early July, creator Wollay went dark. No tweaks, no blog posts, no nothing but a persistent, itching worry that all might not be well with one of the most promising sandbox games in all indiedom.

Turns out he was behind the sofa all along, coding away. Phew! But don’t expect a flurry of blog posts anytime soon.

“Being just a small team (my wife and me), we didn’t expect such things,” said Wollay in his missive in July. “We just tried to make our game available in its early state in the best possible way, which is on our homepage, where we can directly communicate with the community and provide patches and updates easily.”

Neither patches nor updates have been forthcoming in the months since. Until yesterday, when Wollay tweeted his continued existence.

“The new update is coming along nicely,” Wollay elaborated in conversation with Kotaku. “We’re still experimenting with some features and are working on an improved launcher.

“At the moment there’s just a lot of work going on behind the scenes, like customer support, server/website development, and we’re currently moving to a new apartment with more space for our development studio.”

Immediate plans for the game include a reduced UI, configurable controls, a handful of new creatures and some fixes to game balance that will ease low level entry.

“We’re doing our best to release the update as soon as we can but I’m really bad at estimating,” said Wollay. He added that those DDoS attacks were “maybe” responsible for his cut in communication.

“It was a very discouraging experience,” he said.

Thanks, RPS.