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DayZ Hotfix tackles an ammunition loading problem, graphical glitches and a respawn issue


Have you noticed that, now games are developed in public, their patch names consist only of endless decimals – the sort traditionally reserved for internal studio consumption or Pi? On an unrelated note, DayZ Hotfix has been released for bugtesting.

The update’s changelog lists fixes to graphical glitches featuring both barbed wire and dead bodies, as well as an issue with ammunition amounts failing to load properly and a missing respawn button for players with in-game fractured legs.

“SixUpdater will only host the update once we have confirmed we are satisfied with the update,” warned DayZ creator and project lead of its standalone edition Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall.

“Please do not grab this update, and then QQ because you can’t find a server. Install to a new @dayz mod folder and use when servers become available.”