Death Inc. is about “outsourced soul aggregation and bespoke mortality solutions”


When was the last time you initiated a plague in a small Renaissance village? If the the answer isn’t today then you’ve not been doing your duty as a despot and a malignant elemental force.

It’s ok, I understand that there are some days you just don’t want to get out of the Doom Fortress and strew the seeds of slow death but don’t worry, soon the effort of pestilence delivery will be packaged in a game that can be played in the PC.

Death Inc. is the first game from Ambient Studios, a team formed of ex-Lionhead, Bizarre, and Media Molecule staff.

More information awaits beneath this break.

Like an aniti-Populous, Death Inc. is a god game where you don’t aim to build bastions of civilization but, instead, seek to depopulate and corrupt them. This isn’t out of any ill will, it’s simply that you’reGrim T. Livingstone, who, untilrecently, wasa lowly Assistant Underreaper at the Ministry Of Mortality, but now he’s the head of a new startup that specialises in”outsourced soul aggregation and bespoke mortality solutions.

It’s your job to orchestrate the mass deaths of towns and villages to provide souls for you to harvest and, presumably, pay the bills… or something.

The features listed on the game’s siteare things like gesture controls, office decoration, and exploding livestock. An eclectic mix.

Certainly the team have the experience to warrant keeping an eye on but I’d really like to see something of the game in action before I start marking it in my calendar.

According to this press releaseAmbient will be launching a Kickstarter on 4 February, looking to raise £300,000. Following in the wake of Maia and Godus this one may well struggle to reach its target.