Death Inc. pre-orders get instant alpha access and chance to name an exploding cow


Despite failing its Kickstarter, falling £180,000 short of its target, Death Inc. is not going to to its grave quietly. Ambient Studios have followed the path set by Prison Architect and Starbound, launching a tiered pre-order system that lets you buy a copy of the game (once/if it’s completed) and get access to the game’s alpha for just $10, or pay more to get a variety of extras (including naming a cow in the game).

Death Inc. looks like a fine mix of god game, strategy, and, well, plague pustules. It was a shame the game fell short of its target because the team had a wealth of experience under their belt and were feeding their game on black humour and colourful visuals.

You can see from the video above that since the Kickstarter Ambient have been slotting new features into the game. Features like a spinning wheel of blades that your infected followers can drive into a crowd of mushy humans.

This second attempt at getting funding is a good move on the part of Ambient, now they don’t need to worry about hitting a target to receive funds, nor raising them in a limited timeframe. It should be noted, then, that one of the things Kickstarter protects pledgers from is sending money to a developer who doesn’t manage to get the minimum funding they require to make their game.

That caveat aside, the lower tier pledges are pretty grand.

  • $10 – instant access to the alpha and a copy of the game on completion.

  • $15 – all of the above, the game’s soundtrack, and a pdf book of the game’s art.

  • $30 – all the basic tier stuff as well as being able to name a villager in the game. That sounds pretty good right? It gets better…

  • $50 – You get to name a cow in the game! And the cow can explode! And you can name an enemy soldier in the game after an enemy you have in real life!!!

There are more tiers for those with a wallet stretched with coin but I’ll let you read through those in your own time.

Cheers, BeefJack.