Desperate Gods brings boardgaming to the PC in a whole new, intuitive way


As part of Fuck This Jam, Wolfire Games – the folk behind Overgrowth and the Humble Bundle – spent a week developing a whole new way of playing board games on the PC, by making them like they are in real life: a shared space where all the players can interact with the board and pieces physically.

The best way to get a sense of this is to see it in action:

It’s a fantastic idea, treating a board game on a computer exactly as it is in real life. By simply creating the environment for play and providing all the necessary tools, players are able to discuss their own rules, allow mistakes to be undone, and mess things up when they get annoyed – that may not be a plus but I will still shake the hand of anyone who creates a table flip mod for this game.

And people can make mods for this game. It’s free, open source, and downloadable from here.

It could be a really great system for board game designers to prototype new games, particularly as it already supports local and network multiplayer.

TIGSource spotted this one.

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