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Do it all again with Transistor’s Recursion mode


Transistor, Supergiant games’ stunning-looking follow up to the lovely Bastion, is released next week. And whilst it’s less than seven days away, we know surprisingly little about it. This is on purpose say Supergiant, who have eschewed from the usual PR hype machine in order to offer players some genuine surprises. 

They are willing to offer up one spoiler before release though; Recursion mode. Transistor will have its own version of New Game +, and it should keep you playing through at least a couple of times. 

Talking on the PlayStation blog, Supergiant said: “Recursion mode is unlocked after you finish Transistor’s story. You’ll then have the option to recurse through the experience, retaining your progression data — notably, your User Level and all the Transistor functions you’ve unlocked. This immediately opens up a lot of new gameplay as you’ll be discovering new function combinations all the way through your initial play-through of the game.”

It’s not just about playing through with your previously unlocked skills though. Every replay is different, with the composition of enemies mixed up every time. “The Process, the enemy forces you’ll be dealing with in Transistor, operate as a faction,” explained Supergiant. “The different varieties you’ll encounter have complementary roles. As we experimented with fighting against them in different combinations, and in different locations throughout the game, we found a ton of interesting variety.”

Transistor releases on PC on May 20th, and can be picked up from Steam.