Dog Sled Saga is a Kickstarter for a dog sled race simulator all about dogs


Dogs are great. I love dogs. So it was while idly clicking on dog-related links over and over again that I discovered this Kickstarter for a dog sled racing game called Dog Sled Saga. It’s not just a straight up racer, but a full on dog management simulator in which you must care for your team of dogs lest they become disillusioned or overworked and begin to slack. Creators Dan Fitzgerald and Lisa Bromiel take cues from Pokémon and XCOM when it comes to the caring for and bonding with individual dogs, as well as the “semi-random circumstances” of adventures like FTL and Spelunky when it comes to your mushing career. This intriguing concept has given me paws for thought. Hah! PAWS.

Interacting with the dogs during sled races is reduced to throwing treats at the most tired dogs to boost their stamina. It seems simple enough, though the races are set within a more complex economy of gear, currency, sponsorship and a mysterious cabal of mushers to impress. Treat your dogs well and they’ll excel, even allowing you to begin new careers with their illustrious offspring. Neglect them and they’ll be overcome with doggy ennui and be unable to race. God, I love dogs so much. This is going to be wonderful.

Here’s an interview with Dan and Lisa, who seem like very nice people. You’ll get a glimpse of Dog Sled Saga’s immaculate dog animations too.

The Dog Sled Saga Kickstarter currently stands at $2,543 of its $6,000 goal, with 26 days to go.