Don’t Starve: Reign of Giants DLC teased. Something wicked this way… badger!

Don't Starve Reign of Giants Klei Entertainment

There’s a creeping sense of menace to Don’t Starve. Everything is a potential threat. It’s a game where even the trees can come to life to kill you. But it’s been months since the game’s release, diehard players know all of Don’t Starve’s secrets. They know how to protect themselves from the worst of the nasties and deal safely with the others.

Developer Klei are mixing things up a bit to unsettle those proud players. The Reign of Giants is coming.

That’s all we know of Klei’s upcoming DLC. It’s called the Autumn teaser which could suggest a release date or that the Reign of Giants DLC will focus heavily on the different seasons and the dangers they can present.

If that’s the case then the autumnal enemy is a badger.. Not the adorable badger of Shelter but the aggressive, violent, untempered soul of, er… Fantastic Mr Fox.

Badgers are the powerhouses of British woodland critters. Hunched, stocky things, they’re all teeth and muscle. A fair few of them are half mad with TB and even with a government-sanctioned cull in effect they’re breeding just fine. If they’re added to Don’t Starve then they should be quite the resilient enemy.

Though, if you watched the Animals of Farthing Wood as a child then you may know badgers better for their noble deaths. Deaths that will keep you up at night for weeks:

Cheers, Eurogamer.